Kamis, 03 Maret 2011

Lake House Movie

A woman (Sandra Bullock) departs a house she has leased beside a beautiful lake. She leaves a note in the "flag" letterbox for the next tenants, hoping they will love the place as much as she. An old ute pulls up and a man (Keanu Reeves) starts to unpack. He reads the note and a correspondence begins, despite their living in different time zones.

Like the Back to the Future films, the big question is whether one person can prevent an event that has already happened in one time zone from occurring in the other. The resolution, sadly, is silly and illogical, since everything that happens after an event has been altered cannot be the same as if nothing happened.
Nevertheless, the film is engaging and always beautiful to look at. The love story never creates the romantic tingles it should, partly because the lovers are rarely on screen together and partly because director Alejandro Agresti is too fond of the wide shot; we rarely get close to these people.

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