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ch4y... Internet Slank...




  • B2B - Business to Business[4]
  • B2C - Business to Customer[3]
  • B4 - Before[3]
  • BBIAB - Be back in a bit[6]
  • BBQ - Barbecue. While not internet slang in itself, it is often combined with other initialisms as a point of satire, absurdity, or a non-sequitur. For example OMG WTF BBQ.[2]
  • BBL/BBS - Be back later / shortly / soon[6]
  • BCNU - Be seein' you[4]
  • BFF - Best Friends Forever [6]
  • BFN - Bye For Now[2]
  • blog - Also known as web log or an online journal[2]
  • BOFH - Bastard operator from hell[4]
  • bot - Any type of automated software in chatrooms and web-cataloging software[8]
  • BRB - Be right back[4]
  • BSOD - Blue Screen of Death[4]
  • BTDT - Been there done that[6]
  • BTW - By the way[8]
  • bump - Increment (For example, C's ++ operator.)[4] or a backronym for "Bring Up My Post"[2]


  • CMIIW - Correct me if I'm wrong.
  • crawl - To retrieve a web page along with the hyperlinks that reference it[8]
  • crapplet - A poorly written computer application[9]
  • CU - See you (later)[4]
  • CYA - See ya OR Cover Your Ass[2]
  • cyber- (prefix) - A term used to connect the subsequent word loosely to the world of computers or the Internet or sex over a computer[8]
  • cyberspace - Virtual reality, the Internet, the World Wide Web, and other kinds of computer systems. Science fiction author William Gibson popularized the term in his novel Neuromancer. Gibson used the word to describe a virtual world of computer networks that his cyberpunk heroes 'jacked into'[8]


  • DFTT - Don't feed the trolls[7]
  • DIAF - Die in a fire[7]
  • DILLIGAF/D/S - Does it look like I give a flip / fuck / damn / shit[7]
  • DND - Do not disturb[2]
  • DOA - Dead on arrival. Refers to hardware that is broken on delivery.[10]


  • EOF - End of File[4]
  • EOM - End of Message[6]
  • EOL - End of Life. Device or hardware that is at the end of its product life cycle.[6] - End of Line.[6]
  • EQ - EverQuest[2]
  • ETA - Estimated time of arrival[2]


  • FAQ - Frequently Asked Question(s)[4]
  • FFS - For fuck's sake[6]
  • flamer - Someone who makes inflammatory, abusive or directly offensive comments. Similar to, but not quite the same as an Internet troll[4].
  • FMCDH - From My Cold Dead Hands[2]
  • FOAD - Fuck off and die[4]
  • FOAF - Friend of a friend[4]
  • FTFY - Fixed that for you
  • FTL - For the loss[6]
  • FTW - For the win[6]
  • FU - Fuck you[2]
  • FUBAR - Fucked up beyond all recognition / repair (from military slang; pronounced "foo-bar")[4]
  • FUD - Fear, Uncertainty and Doubt (the purposeful spread of misinformation)[4]
  • FWIW - For what it's worth[4]
  • FYI - For your information[4]


  • GBTW - Get back to work[2]
  • GF - Great/good fight[2]
  • GFU - Good for you[2]
  • GFY - Go fuck yourself[2]
  • GG - Good game, used at or near the conclusion of a gaming match[6]
  • GGS - Good games[2]
  • GJ - Good job, often used in online gaming when a teammate performs an act benefitting his team, such as killing an opponent or enabling that kill[2]
  • GMTA - Great minds think alike[2]
  • Godwin's Law - Dictates that the longer a thread, the more likely someone will post a comparison involving Nazis or Hitler[11]
  • gratz - Congratulations[2]
  • GTFO - Get the fuck out[2]
  • GTG or G2G - 'Got to go' or 'Good to go'[6]
  • GR - Good Race[2]


  • HAND - have a nice day[4]
  • handle - Name used in online chat, (AKA nick(name), alias, screen/user name)[8]
  • HF - Have fun[2]
  • haxor or H4x0r (1337) - Hacker[6]
  • hit - A request made to the web server, (noun) the results of an internet search, (verb) loading a Web page. Hits are not equivalent to visitors of a webpage.[8]
  • home page - The website's introduction page, starting point, and guide. The technical term is "index"[8]
  • hot list - A collection of publicly available URLs (World Wide Web site addresses), sometimes available as text files.[8]
  • HTH - Hope this / that helps[4]




  • k or kk - OK[7]
  • KISS - Keep it simple stupid.[7]
  • KOS - Kill on sight[2]
  • KTHX - OK, thanks[7]
  • KTHXBAI - OK, thanks, goodbye, used either to cut short a conversation or to express displeasure with being cut short[7]


  • L8R - Later, L8R also sometimes abbreviated as L8ER is commonly used in chat rooms and other text based communications as a way of saying good bye.[6]
  • lag - Slang term for slow Internet speeds or high Internet latency; Lag is sometimes due to a server problem, but more frequently due to the connection between client and server. A slow or intermittent connection may often be referred to as laggy[4]
  • lamer - A know-nothing, one who is lame.[4]
  • leet - Often spelled as l33t or 1337. It originally meant elite[4]
  • LFG - Looking for group[2]
  • LFM - Looking for more[2]
  • LMAO - Laughing my ass off[4]
  • LMFAO - Laughing my fucking ass off[4]
  • LMIRL - Let's meet in real life.[2]
  • LMK - Let me know[2]
  • LOL - Laughing out loud, laugh out loud[15]
  • LTNS - Long time no see[6]
  • lulz - corruption of LOL[16]
  • lurker - Someone who frequents a Usenet group without participating in discussions[4]
  • LYLAB - Love you like a brother.[17]
  • LYLAS - Love you like a sister.[17]



  • N1 - Nice one, used mostly often in gaming[2]
  • NE1 - "Anyone"[18]
  • newbie, newb, n00b - An inexperienced user of a system or game,[4] or an annoying person.[2] Usually a derogatory term for someone inexperienced at a game.
  • NIFOC - Naked In Front Of Computer[4]
  • NM - (Sometimes written N/M) Not much, Never mind or no message, used on message boards or in e-mails to indicate that everything is already said in the subject line.[6][19]
  • NP - No problem[6]
  • NSFW - Not safe for work. Warning about content that may get the viewer in trouble with his employer or co-workers.[20][21]
  • NVM, NVMD, or nm - Nevermind, not much[22]




  • QFT - Quoted for truthiness - either to show satire or agreement with something satiric.
  • QWP - (texting) Quit Whining, Please. (gaming) equip v / equipment n.









  • ZOMG - An intentional misspelling of the acronym shorthand for "Oh My Gawd" and pronounced "Zoh My Gawd" This version is mainly used in jest or to ridicule people who use abbreviations like OMG and OMFG[6]

so cool bro... at least ga telmi" aja... danke Ch4y...

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